The Cedric and Gloria Series

This pair are the oldest couple in the Nissan stable. They actually originated at two different companies, the Gloria being an offshoot of the Prince Skyline and the Cedric being the first big Nissan Sedan.

1959 Gloria
The Gloria was born first, in January 1959 as the BLSIP-1. It was powered by an OHV 1862cc GB30 Prince engine that was shared with the Skyline. The line continued on until September 1962 with model 2 and 3 upgrades.

1961 version 3 Gloria

Meanwhile over at the Nissan ranch, the Cedric was introduced in March of 1960, with the Model 30 designation. The Model 30 had a 1488cc Nissan G 4 banger that rattled out a meek 77 HP. This is a carbed down version of the G series engine in the 310 roadster.

1960 Cedric

In Sept-Oct 1962 the Gloria was restyled as the S40 series that came with 2 engine choices: the standard 1862 GB30, or an upgraded 1988cc SOHC inline 6 G7 engine that pushed along this deluxe version of the Gloria sedan with 106hp. An S41 Gloria was added in June 1963, with a G11 2494cc engine. An even more powerful S44 Gloria was added in May 1965 and came equipped with the stroked version of the G11.

62Gloria S40D

Back to the Cedric. The 30 became the 31 1900 Cedric in November 62, then continued on in production until September 65 with styling upgrades.

62 Cedric 1900

The new 130 series Cedric's came out in October '65, powered by the 6 cylinder 1998cc L20 engine that would later see duty in the Skyline GC10 and the Japanese Fairlady Z. This engine would be part of the Cedric powertrain until the early 80's 430 series.

1965 Cedric 130

Nissan and Prince merged about this time, and Nissan took over the Gloria line. The next Gloria would be the A30 series that debuted in April 1967.

68 Gloria Super Six

68 Cedric H130

The Lines finally merged in January 1971 under the 230 designation. 6 Cedric and 6 Gloria models were available in GL, GX, and 2600 GX versions, the latter powered by a L26 engine that would soon be shared with the 260Z, though the Cedric/Gloria version got stuck with a standard 2 barrel Carb. The GX's got the L24 found in the 240Z, minus the twin SU's. An export model, the 240C was also part of this line.

71 Cedric GL 230
71 Cedric 2600 GX Hardtop Coupe

The 330 series began in June 1975. As with every other Nissan line, the Cedric Gloria ranks swelled exponentially to 23 different models. Trim levels included Standard, Deluxe, Custom Deluxe, 2000 GL, 2000 SGL, 2000 Diesel in both Standard and Deluxe versions, 2000 GL-E, 2000 SGL-E, and 2800 SGL.

75 Cedric 2000 SG-L

Engine choices included L20, L24, L26,and L28, with the L20DT diesel also available. A Gloria Brougham edition was available by 1978, while the Cedric designation was limited to the 2000 series cars.

77 Gloria 220D GL

By the end of the 330 series 24 versions were available, with 15 lower end Cedric's and 9 luxury Gloria's. The Cedric's were available with Standard, Deluxe, Custom Deluxe, GL, GL-E, SGL, and SGL-E levels. The Gloria's started off with 2000 and 2200 diesel's in Standard, Deluxe and GL, then went on to the 2800 SGL-E and Brougham models.

79 Gloria

The 430 series began in June 1979 and continued into 1983. By that time the line had swollen to 30 versions, with the Cedric's taking the lower end and the Gloria's getting the big horsepower engines. Several turbo versions were available in the Cedric 2000 series.

81 Cedric 430 series

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