The Laurel Series

2000 GL

If you've never seen a Laurel before, you'll do a double take for sure. "What's wrong with that 510?", you'll ask. The Laurel is essentially the Big Brother of the P510 Bluebird, or the 510 is the little brother, whatever. The styling similarities are striking, most of the body lines are nearly identical, as is trim placement. Many auto enthusiasts wish this had been the car that Nissan would've unleashed on the world instead of the 510 Bluebirds. They both have essentially the same layout with rear wheel drive and Independent front and Rear Suspension. The Laurel would be the mid range family car, if it was in the 90's market it would not be a Sentra or a Maxima, more like a Altima.

68 1800

The first Laurel series was the C30 series launched in March 1968. It featured a Prince designed G18 OHV engine, with 1815cc displacement generating 105 hp through a cross flow head.

70 2000 GX Coupe
70 1800GL
A 2 liter Hardtop coupe version was added in June of 1970 dubbed the 2000(KPC30), with a chouse of standard downdraft carb, or twin SU's on the 2000GX version. The Hardtop coupe was also available with the 1800 engine. A restyled GL version was added in August 70, with a new grille and trim improvements.

72 2000 SG-L
73 1800 GL

The second generation of Laurels were introduced in April of 1972 as the C130 line, initially with 1.8 and 2 liter engines, with a 2.6 liter engined version added in October 1973. This sereis departs from most of the Bluebird styling similarities, and has rather striking Skyline-like good looks on the coupe models.

This is the 1974 C130 Coupe owned by Gary Barker of England. It has a 1990cc g20 engine with a 4 speed manual. The car was originally metallic green with a black hard top. It's the only C130 left registered on the road in the UK.

There were actually 14 different variations of the Laurel, in 5 horsepower ranges, in Sedan or Hardtop. Model levels included the 1800 Deluxe, 1800 Custom, 2000 Custom, 2000 Custom 6, 2000GX, 2000SGL, 2000SGX, and the 2600SGL.

76 2000 SGL-E
The C130 Laurels continued on until December 1976, with the notable addition of an EFI model, the 2000 SGL-E(C-HC131) in February of that year.

77 2000 SGL-E
77 2800 SGL

The third Laurel series was, you guessed it, the 230 group of January 1977. Three engine choices were initially available, 1,8, 2, and 2.8 liter engines. A whopping 23 versions were available by 1978. 1800 Deluxe, Custom, and GL… 2000 Custom 6, GL6, SGL, GL6-E, and SGL-E… and 2800 SGL, with different fuel delivery options defining levels. You could choose from 2 and 4 door in Hardtop or Sedan. E models had fuel injection. A 2 liter diesel version was added in 1979, just in case you needed more options, along with a Medallist luxury version .

1980 2000 SGL-E

The fourth Laurel series was added in late 1979 or early 80. This series continued on past when the Datsun brand ended in 1983, with the next update being 1984. The 4th Laurel series offered you 5 different 4 and 6 cylinder engines in carburetor, turbo, and EFI set ups, plus 2 diesel versions. I could list the different models, but why?

Honestly, I don't really know much about the Laurel series, and it wasn't exported to North America. If this car has any stunning historical importance, let me know.

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