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Whats New!

Okay, I've heard quite a bit of feedback since the Vintage Racecar Journal review of this site... So I'm going to get off my butt and do the rebuild I've been promising for quite some time. I will redo two sections a week for the next 8 weeks, but as a warm up I will first do a Truck History page... as the poor trucks have been neglected by me for quite some time.
Slight change of plans... My webhosting company, Yahoo, has orphaned my current hosting plan, therefore I need to switch to another one... in order to do that, I will also be using a new web design tool and will have to relaunch the whole site from nearly scratch.... the whole site will be up in a new format in about 8 weeks, not in 1 week increments as previously stated.
A new site layout and look will be part of this, but not until most of the updates have been done.

I will be adding or changing sections to this format:

1. Company history section, with subsections for various eras. including a subsection on historic personality bios within the company.
2. The Cars and trucks, broken down by Model Lines
3. a racing and rally section, with subsections on the history of each, plus on Historic teams, personalities, and a new section of active teams/ builders(people racing vintage Nissans and Datsuns)
4. a club page for all the clubs and internet mailing lists for each car.
5. a datsun restoration guide... names and addresses of businesses that restore or supply Datsun specific resto parts and services... no endorsements -paid or unpaid, just the info.
6. An events page/calendar for Datsun/Nissan friendly events.
7. Links to your Datsun webpages

But to do this I need your help...

first I need your pictures... I need pictures of stock, race, and historic Datsuns of pre 1983 vintage...send me scans or jpgs or prints whatever.

If you have a nice stocker
you want featured.... send me the following photo set, along with year of your car: front view, side view, rear view, and dash cluster, plus closeups of turn signal, grille, tailight, sidemarkers, emblems, engines...
Original stock is much more important than mint condition... rusty cars are just as classic.
I also need photocopies or scans of your old Datsun or Nissan Magazine articles...
ads, reviews, test drives...

I need your Club and Race team summaries... the 5 W's of your club: who you are, what you do, when you do it, where you are, and why you do it(as in what the focus of your club)
so how do you get it to me? Easy... M. Blackwell box 4088 RR2 Clearwater BC Canada V0E 1N0, or email it to merlin@datsunhistory.com

What do you get out of it? I can't offer financial reward, but I can give you credit for your submission... and you get to aid in the preservation of Datsun history. A lot of my time, money, and energy has and continues to go into this site... along with the contributions of others.

Along that line, I'd like to thank Dan Banks, ZCCA Historian, for his endless contributions to the cause - he knows more about Nissans than I do! Dan's Z is the orange one you see in the picture above.

This site is in no way supported or condoned by Nissan Motor Company Japan, or any of its subsiduarys, including Nissan USA. This site is copyright 2000 and beyond Merlin Blackwell, unless otherwise stated... and is financially supported by me alone, no sponsorships or financial support is accepted. Public domain means you can view it, not use it. Ask me before copying or pasting anything!

One more thing, Automotive Journalists take note, if you use this site as a reference, please credit it. Some of the info here is based on my opinion.
Questions, comments, and info are more than welcome! I also want your JPegs and your vintage magazine articles, good information may be rewarded.

Until further notice, the Feature Site is: RatDat.com, another great source for Datsun history

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