History Pit Stops

Whats a History Pit Stop?

Its a glimpse at a moment in time through a particular Person, Car, Event, or even a document. It's a look at the ordinary average person, place, or thing as it was then, not necessarily as history sees it now. It's not who won the race, but who competed, and how they did it, and what they did it in.

Pit Stop 1: 1978- Les Nelsons SCCA ProRally 510

Pit Stop 2: Dean Sherman's One Lap of America

Pit Stop 3: 1964-Datsun in Canada

Pit Stop 4: 1967- The 1600/510 hauls 5 beefy Canadians

Pit Stop 5: 1977- Down Under Rally 710

More too come soon...Suggestions?
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