What Wheels From Other Vehicles Will Fit Your Car

If you are looking for ideas to take the appearance of your vehicle to the next level, then replacing your vehicle's wheels might be an excellent option for you.

There is a considerable collection of wheels available for all vehicles that can improve the look of your car and make others jealous. But the question is, what wheels from other cars will fit your vehicle? Any brand can fit your vehicle provided the size and a few other factors are fulfilled. You can also use the big-sized tires after customizing your car.

This guide will help you so that your investment will pay off when you buy a wheel replacement for your vehicle.

4 Factors To Deal With Before Using Wheels From Other Vehicles

Several factors need to be fulfilled when you choose a pair of wheels for your car so that the new wheels can fit your vehicle perfectly and you can enjoy everyday driving. Some of the required factors are as follows.

The Pattern That is Used On Bolts

The bolt patterns on different rims are different, and if you want to use a pair of wheels on your vehicle, the most crucial factor is that the bolt pattern should match; otherwise, the wheels will look out of place.

Tire Size

There is a standard tire size for your vehicle at which different features like odometer and speedometer work. So the tire size is a significant factor that will tell you what tire you can use and what you can't.

 Wheel Size

Another size that you should pay attention to is the wheel size.

You can find the size of wheels by measuring them or with a size chart but keep in mind that this factor is significant.

The Wheel Offset

Wheel offset is the measure of how your tires and wheels are mounted on the wheel well. The proper wheel offset is significant for stability and proper working of the braking system.

There are three types of offset. Zero wheel offset is when the centerline and mounting hub are in line. Positive wheel offset is when the mounting hub is more towards the street side of the centerline. Negative wheel offset is when the mounting surface is under the centerline.

How To Determine the Right Size of My Wheel

The best way is to check the sticker plate and search online.

Step 1: Acquiring the Dimensions of Original Wheels

Measure the diameter of your wheels to find the dimensions of the original wheels. Choosing a more significant size is also an option but keep in mind that a more substantial size will affect the performance.

You can also go for smaller sizes which will save you some bucks because mostly, the price of tires is directly proportional to size.

Step 2: Find Out the Offset of the Original Wheels

To find the offset, you need to measure the distance between the centerline and mounting surface. Knowing the balance of the original wheel is very important for proper replacement.

Step 3: Know the Bolt Pattern of Your Wheels

For a perfect fit, you must know your vehicle's bolt pattern. Usually, the wheel pattern is different for different cars, but universal tires can be used with all vehicles.