Can I Use My Old License Plate on My New Car?

These days, every vehicle purchased comes with a license plate, but many people ask a question ‘Can I use my old license plate on my new car for 30 days?’. The best thing about transferring a license plate is that you can keep your plate on the car.

It is now easy and cheap to transfer your old license plate to a new car than canceling it and purchasing a new one. You need to have the license number filled out on the form, and your number gets transferred quickly.

How to transfer the old license plate to a new car?

  • Transfer it in the DMV office

To transfer the old license plate to your new vehicle at the DMV office, you need to take all the necessary information about the car you are moving from to the one you are transferring to. If the DMV office already has all the information, you may not have to go through all the paperwork.

When visiting the local DMV office, you have to bring the related information, and when it is provided, the license plates will be transferred and installed quickly. If you don't get it installed by the DMV, you can get a professional's services.

  • Transfer the plate at the dealership

When you buy a new or a used car, you can head directly to the dealership for the payment and paperwork. It is worth mentioning that the dealership must be authorized. You can ask the dealership about the transfer of the license plates. If the dealership handles license plates transfer, you can fill out your title information, then the entire process of license transfer will be governed by the dealership.

Is it possible to switch license plates without informing DMV?

You cannot switch the license plate without informing DMV because if the cops run the number plate for any reason and don't match the vehicle, you can be in serious trouble. They will assume that it might be stolen, and therefore, you might be land in hot water.

What happens if you have a personalized license plate?

The majority of states in the US allow the owners to carry a personalized plate to the new vehicle. Therefore, many people consider it a much better option, as you will not be going through the stress of changing all the license plate details in each document that might be relevant. You have to remember that a personalized license plate costs more than the normal one.

Final Words

You don't need to make a lot of effort or give time to transfer the license plate from the old to the new one, especially if you are wondering, 'can I use my old license plate on my new car for 30 days. There are a few effortless steps to follow, and the license plate will stay with you even if you change the vehicle. Keep in mind that only a few states need the plates to be with the car upon sale unless it is a specialty plate.