How do I Find the Paint Code of My Car by VIN?

To have a paint job for your vehicle, you must have the exact paint done for it. This will be helpful for your car to prevent getting any mixed colors and give it an appealing outlook. The vehicle's paint code helps ensure that you get the desired results for the paint job.

The paint code contains three to six characters that can be a mixture of letters and numbers. You need to know the specific color to fix any scratches that may appear on your vehicle. Therefore, you have the option to find the color code by VIN to make the entire process completely smooth.

What is Vehicle Identification Number or VIN?

A VIN is a unique code assigned to each vehicle after its manufacturing. This code consists of 17 characters and doesn't have the intervening spaces. It is also worth mentioning that VIN doesn't contain letters like O, I, and Q. This kind of omission helps avoid any confusion to read the VIN easily.

With the help of each section of the number, you can get a piece of specific information about the vehicle. The report has everything from the factory, country, and even the year of production. It also has the make, model, and serial number, whereas printing this number is done in a single line.

Where is the location of the VIN?

The VIN is mainly located on the dashboard of the passenger vehicles and positioned on the driver's side. To see it better, you need to look at it with the help of the windshield. This number is also placed on the door pillar by some manufacturers.

You will also find the VIN placed under the hood of some vehicles. Usually, it is placed on the engine block’s front, whereas with the older vehicles, the number is at the front of the frame. This frame is present near the door on the driver’s side.

How to get the color code by VIN?

To get the exact color code of your vehicle, you have the option of using VIN. Get the location of the information sticker that contains all the information concerning your car. A barcode includes other information, including the model and manufacturing details.

The exterior paint codes should also be on this information sticker. The VIN has the code indicating the paint of the vehicle. Although it varies from one manufacturer to the other, you can still get the specific color code by VIN. 


It is essential to know the correct paint code of your vehicle, and the best way of obtaining it is through VIN. Keep in mind that when you find the color code by VIN, it will not be complicated for you to locate it, as it can be found in specific spaces. It usually is available on the driver’s interior dash or under the hood. Besides, it is also possible to obtain the VIN from your vehicle’s documents. When you get this number, it becomes easy to get any information about the car.