How To Defog Windshield In Summer, Winter & Rain

Fogged car windows are a problem, especially in autumn and winter, because cold air can store less moisture. The result: condensation on the cold windows. The moisture, which then fogs up the windows, often gets through wet clothing. But the air we breathe, broken seals, or clogged drains also ensure that the air in the car becomes damp. It is important that the windows are freed from moisture before departure in order to have a clear view. This article shows what helps to defog windshield! 

This helps immediately against fogged windows

  • Put the windows down: Even if it sounds uncomfortable – it helps to open the window a little, especially in very cold weather. Then the warm, moist breathing air can escape, which would clear the windows more quickly.
  • During summer, if your windshield is foggy after the rain or dew, always use your car's wipers to remove the condensation and quickly even out the temperature of the glass. Water acts like a temperature barrier between the outside and inside of your windshield.
  • Turn on the heater: Set the blower and temperature switch to the highest setting and direct the airflow fully toward the windshield. If the ventilation nozzles in the center console are also closed, almost all of the air lands on the window to dry.
  • Switch on the air conditioning: Probably the most effective weapon against fogged windows, because the air is dried in the air conditioning. Condensed windows are free again within seconds.
  • Note the air recirculation switch: When the air recirculation function is switched on, the windows remain fogged up because only the humid interior air is circulated. So make sure the air recirculation switch is not active.
  • Use the window sponge: As long as the engine is still cold, you can wipe the misted windows with a suitable sponge. Here you should pay attention to a high-quality product such as special window sponges or microfibre cloths, otherwise, there will be streaks. 

Important: Do not wipe back and forth, but always in one direction.

Why is my windshield fogging up in the autumn?

Moisture finds its way into the car, especially in autumn and winter. One possible cause is the water drains below the windshield: In autumn, leaves from the trees land in this area and can clog the drains. Rainwater collects, penetrates through filters and cable ducts into the vehicle interior. 

Why is my windshield fogging up in the summer?

Broken seals could be a culprit in the summertime. If there is any suspicion, the workshop should take over and replace any defective seals. If moisture has collected in the car, for example in the floor area, additional dehumidifiers help to dry it out. However, the cause of the ingress of moisture must be eliminated.

Another prime suspect when it comes to fogged car windows is the cabin air filter. The filter should be replaced about every 15,000 kilometers. A dirty filter reduces the airflow of ventilation and air conditioning - the moisture does not come out of the car. 

Important when changing: choose a filter with activated carbon. In addition to pollen, this also neutralizes pollutants.  

Tips for eliminating moisture in the car

You can prevent the windows from fogging up using these simple tips. Socks or cotton bags filled with cat litter on the dashboard, for example, are very good dehumidifiers. 

Regular cleaning of the pane also helps. A dirty pane fogs up much faster than a clean one. There are also special anti-fog sprays that seal the pane and prevent moisture from settling.