How To Easily Put On a Steering Wheel Cover?

Are you thinking about improving the look of your vehicle, but you are out of ideas? If yes, you are in for a surprise because this article is about such an outstanding idea. This article aims to enhance your vehicle’s look with a steering wheel cover.

The steering wheel cover is a great way to get that classy interior look while protecting the steering wheel from wear and tear and improving the driving comfort.

A steering wheel that matches the upholstery color will give others a premium look, and you will be surprised how much difference such a minor adjustment can make.

Why Is It a Good Idea To Install a Steering Wheel Cover?

Your vehicle’s cabin is that place where you spend all your time when driving, and the steering wheel is that thing which is used or touched chiefly, so it is prone to wear due to the excessive friction it has to bear. The steering wheel cover has the role of protecting your steering wheel, so you don’t have to replace it prematurely. There are many other benefits of using a cover. Let’s have a look.

Advantages of Using a Steering Wheel

First and foremost, a matching cover with the rest of the upholstery will make your vehicle’s interior more attractive.

Using a good-quality fabric for the steering wheel cover will enhance your grip on the wheel.

The cover protects the steering wheel from getting damaged due to the harsh conditions. This can save you a lot of maintenance costs because replacing the steering wheel is quite expensive.

Driving on uneven roads becomes more comfortable because the cover will absorb the vibrations of your car’s tires.

Cleaning the steering wheel becomes a lot easier with a cover on.

Tips and Caution for Steering Wheel Cover Installation

If installing the cover from the top side is difficult for you, try to install it from the bottom side.

Keep the force or pressure in check so the material is not damaged.

Do not hurry. Perform each step slowly and carefully. If you have all the necessary tools, the process will become much more manageable.

Required Tools

  •  New steering wheel cover
  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Vinyl cleaner

Wipe The Steering Wheel

Before installing the steering wheel cover, it’s mandatory to clean it with a vinyl cleaner. This step is necessary to protect the wheel from bacteria or fungus. If you ignore this step, you might face some problems in the future.

Remove the Wraps or Tie-Downs on the Cover

Ensure to free the cover of aby wraps because they might become a hurdle during the installation process. The next step is to place the cover on the wheel and align it. The standard method is to start the process from the top side.

Placing of Cover On Steering Wheel

Grab the steering wheel with one hand and start installing the cover from the top side using your free hand.

The Bottom Side

Starting from the top, work your way to the bottom. The bottom part might give you some trouble because the cover will get stretched when installing the bottom part, and the top side might come out. So be a little careful.

Once the cover has gripped on the top and bottom sides, you can stretch the cover to fit the wheel completely.