How to Find the Exact Car Length for My Car Model?

There are a few different ways to get the exact length of your car model. Some methods are more reliable than others, so read through all the steps and build your opinion and choose the method that sounds the most comfortable for you. Here are a few ideas:

1. VIN Decoder

This is probably the easiest and most secure way to get the exact car length of your car. There are plenty of free VIN decoders out there on the web. To use a VIN decoder, you have to find the VIN of your car.

You can find the VIN at a few different locations in your car. If you have any documentation after purchasing the car, you will most likely see the VIN there. The VIN is also stamped on your car in some different locations. One of the most common areas is on the body when you open the driver’s door.

Open the driver’s door and see if you can find a label. The VIN is made up of 17 characters, a mixture of numbers and characters. When you have found the VIN, you can use any free VIN decoder on the web. One of these is the AutoZone VIN Decoder.

2. Auto Online Shop

If you go into any auto online shop website, you have the ability to enter your license plate number or VIN. When you are doing so, you will get a lot of information about your car model.

Within this information, you can usually find different measurements like the length and the car’s weight. Remember that this information could be false in rare cases, and a VIN decoder is usually more effective. One example of an auto shop with knowledge is the CarID Automotive Store.

3. Ask Your Local Dealer

Your local dealer should definitely be able to find out the car length for your car with either the license number or the VIN number.

Just make a call to your authorized dealer and be ready with both the license and VIN and ask them if they can tell you the length. This is a cheap and reliable way to find out the length.

4. Measure the Length

You never know if your car is equipped with any aftermarket parts like a front or rear bumper that changed your car’s exact length.

So the best way is, of course, to manually measure the length of your vehicle. Just use a yardstick from the rear to the front bumper and put it underneath the car to measure the length.