What Happens If Control Arm Breaks While Driving

This article is a must-read for you if you do not know what a control arm is and how to tell if your vehicle's control arm is broken.

A control arm is a part of a vehicle's suspension system that ensures a smooth driving experience, and like other parts, it can be broken due to wear and tear. Some signs and symptoms can tell you when this part is damaged. Stay tuned; we will list all the possible symptoms in this article.

What Does a Control Arm Do?

A car's suspension system combines springs, shocks, and connections underneath the Vehicle that joins the Vehicle's frame with the wheels. This system provides stability when the car is in motion by controlling the weight and overall motion dynamics. The control arm is a core component of this system, whose one end is connected to the chassis and the other end to the wheels.

When the car runs on rough terrain, the control arm makes the movement stable, so we can say that the front wheels remain intact due to this system.

Is Driving with a Bad Control Arm Dangerous?

The control arm is connected with the wheels through a pair of rubber bushings. Due to the control arm's continuous up and down movement, this pair of bushings wears down, generating more friction and damaging the control arm. Driving with lousy control is dangerous because the steering wheel will become unpredictable as it will drag you in any direction, even when you keep it straight.

 5 Things That'll Happen If Control Arm Breaks While Driving

One thing is sure when the control arm breaks that is you won't be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

Your Steering Becomes Unstable

A broken control arm will directly affect your Vehicle's steering wheel. The steering will not be in your control, and this might be very dangerous for you and other people on the road. Your car will move from left to right even when steering straight. The only solution for this situation is to replace the arm.

Your Vehicle produces A Popping Sound When You Run Over Bumps

If you hear a popping sound when your Vehicle runs on an uneven road or when increasing or decreasing the speed of your vehicle, then it's most probably because of a broken control arm. The sound is produced when rubber bushings and the joint collide when accelerating or decelerating the vehicle.

Your Tire Wears Unevenly

One sign of a broken control arm is the uneven wearing of tires because one function of the component is to free the wheels to provide smooth rides. When the arm is broken or damaged, the force on tires will be uneven, which will cause uneven wearing of the tread.

The Driving Performance Of Your Vehicle is Affected

When driving on an uneven road, all the shock is absorbed by the suspension system, but when the arm does not work, you will get a lot of vibrations from the wheels through the steering wheel. There will also be annoying noise coming from the front tires.

Change In Brakes

Due to the damaged control arm, you will feel brakes different from usual.