What size is my Steering Wheel


How To Measure Steering Wheel

To measure your steering wheel's diameter, stretch a tape measure across the front of the wheel from one side to another. Most steering wheels are 14–17.5 inches (36–44 cm) in diameter.

Tape measurers placed at the center of a steering wheel should go from one side's outside edge to another. This measurement will generally be between 14 and 17 1/2 inches.

Measuring your steering wheel is not rocket science. It ensures you get the correct size to fit. So before purchase, take some measurements first.


The circumference of the wheel is determined by measuring the outside of it. If my memory serves me correctly, you can do this by placing a piece of tape at the 1” mark on a tape measure. adhere to the top edge of steering wheel and go all around its outer edge until reach beginning again. This will be a measurement anywhere from 43“ to 54".

Grip Diameter

The diameter is the thickness of your steering wheel that you grip. To measure it, wrap a tape measure around the steering wheel as if you were gripping it, and make note of the smallest measurement. The measurements will likely fall somewhere between 2-3/4″ (~7cm) to 4-1/2″ (~11cm).


Make sure to find a steering wheel cover that fits snugly on your steering wheel- different brands will have diverse size specifications.Specifically, outside diameter and grip circumference are important measurements to keep in mind when shopping for your perfectcover.​


Styles Color Design

You can find steering wheel covers in many colors, styles and designs. They may be made of leather, rubber or even fur.

Now that you've considered the material, color and design, it's time to think about size!

Size Matters

The size of the steering wheel cover you choose should also be based on the manufacturer's indications for an ideal fit. You will find that most covers stretch to accommodate a range of wheel diameters, usually from 14.5 up to 15.5 inches (35-38cm).

If you replaced your car's standard steering wheel with a custom one, you can find sizes of steering wheel covers that will fit smaller or larger steering wheels. The smaller sizes are about 33 to 37 centimeters in diameter, which is approximately 13 to 14.57 inches. For the larger steering wheels, the size ranges from 39 to 42 centimeters in diameter.

Steering Wheel Cover Sizes

Most steering wheel covers come in sizes that fit standard-sized steering wheels, but there are also smaller or larger versions available. To make sure you're looking at the right sizes of steering wheel covers, measure the diameter of your steering wheel and inform the supplier or manufacturer about the size. This way, you can be confident that the cover will snugly fit your existing steering wheel and give you a better handle and grip.

Steering Wheel Cover Size Code

As per the popular brands available in the market, the covers are mainly available in leather, rubber, and synthetic mesh material in six varied sizes. So, measure the diameter of the steering wheel and select an appropriate steering wheel cover size available from the list below.