What type of fog light bulb do i need

Yellow fog lights can make visibility in day time fog better. They are really good for when the weather is bad. People can see you and you can see other people too. They will not have accidents with you because they know where you are going to go. I learned this on a website called Amazon and it has pictures of the yellow lights that they sell there too.

Yellow Fog Lights

Yellow fog lights are a type of light that helps drivers see the road more clearly when it is foggy outside. Yellow lights help because they hit your retina in a way that makes it easier for you to focus on the road. Other colors like white, blue, and green can frustrate your eyes, so it is best to use yellow lights when it is foggy outside.

Most drivers find that yellow fog lights help them see better in foggy weather than other colors of light. Fog usually reflects the color of the driver's headlights back in their eyes. When you are driving, it is already hard to look at white light. 

If you also have white light reflected directly into your eyes, it might make it harder for you to stay focused. The same thing can happen if you look at blue lights closely. Yellow lights are the only color that most drivers can tolerate when visibility is low due to fog.

Types of Fog Lights

LED Fog Lights

LED fog lights are some of the most durable light types. They can be quite expensive, but they are worth it because they are very energy-efficient. LED fog lights also provide better visibility for drivers on foggy roads than other types of fog lights.

The Cougar Motor fog light is a big deal for drivers who want bright lights. You can see things far away with this light. It costs about $400, and it lasts for 60,000 hours or 6 years if you use it 4 hours every day. The fog headlight is durable and comes with a warranty in case anything goes wrong for 1 year. But there's one downside to this product: when the water pressure is high, the efficiency of the light goes down.

Philips Xtreme fog lights are a great option. They can fit in H8, H11, and HH16 sockets. The LED bulbs give off up to 1680 Watts of light intensity. Plus, the fog lights are said to last for 12 years. If you're worried about the durability of the product, don't be! Philips offers a 3-year warranty to buyers.

Lights come in a pure white color. This is made to help people see while they are driving at night, but the experts say that it can hurt your eyes. But these fog lights have special technology that makes them not hurt your eyes.

The Alla Lighting fog lights are a good choice for foggy conditions. They are made in a color that is easier on the eyes, yellow. These lights are also very bright, producing about 2,000 lumens of light intensity. Another great thing about these lights is that they are easy to install and very durable. The average Alla Lighting headlight lasts for 50,000 hours.

Halogen Fog Lights

Halogen headlights are best for driving in light fog. This is because they produce a weak light. You'll always find these headlights in shades of yellow. Unfortunately, halogen headlights have a low life expectancy and need to be replaced often. 

Fortunately, these lights are so cheap that you probably won't mind buying several units of halogen headlights at once. Like every other halogen fog light, the Nokya Arctic Yellow Bulb is only available in yellow. With an average color temperature of 2500-kelvin, this fog light is probably the brightest.

If you are worried about your eyes hurting, you should get the PIAA Plasma Ion Crystal Yellow fog light. The fog lights will make colors that are easier to look at than other colors like blue-green and red. Yellow is a good color for fog because it is easier to see things in the fog with yellow lights than with other colors of lights. Plus, these headlights come from a trusted brand and will have a long life span so they won't need to be replaced as often as some other brands. 

There are two different kinds of bulbs you can get for your headlights: one that lasts longer but isn't as bright (Sylvania) or one that lasts 250 hours but is brighter (PIAA).halogen fog light in existence. The Nokya Arctic Yellow Bulb is also very cheap--it only costs about $10 for each pair of headlights.

How to Choose Your Fog Lights

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