Why Isn’t Honda Key Fob Working After Battery Replacement?

It is pretty common to see a keyless entry trend in modern vehicles, as it offers us comfort and convenience in entering our car without using the car keys. It can be helpful in many situations where it gets difficult using car keys, especially when your hands are full or when it is a rainy day.

Honda is among the favorite vehicles of many people; it is advantageous to enter your car with keyless entry. However, many issues can go with it, including the failure of the essential fob battery. Therefore, you need to give importance and time to avoid the Honda key fob not working after battery replacement.

Weak key fob symptoms

  • A weaker signal

The key fob of the modern Honda car can send the signal to it for around 50 feet, and in some cases, it can reach 200 feet. When the battery wears out, then the range of frequency and the signal strength of the battery lessens, and it will be the right time to replace the battery.

  • Locking and unlocking with multiple clicks

A key fob with a good working battery will lock and unlock the door with a single click. But when you see that it requires more effort from your side to lock and unlock the door, it is a clear sign that the battery has to be replaced.

  • Inconsistency in Honda key fob function

Your key fob will activate quickly by pressing the button if it is functioning well. A new key can also trigger the vehicle’s ignition, but when the key fob is used for the ignition, it is usually placed in the dashboard slot, and you need to press the button. When this function doesn’t work correctly, you have to replace the battery.

Do you need to reprogram after key fob battery replacement?

Although some key fobs don’t require reprogramming when the battery is replaced, when it is about Honda keyless entries, the process of reprogramming can be quite pattern-sensitive. If you find the Honda key fob not working after battery replacement, there could be a lot of reasons for that, but the necessary steps are needed to be taken to complete the sequence of programming. 

When you take the right actions, then there are chances that you may not be successful in reprogramming the key fobs. Remember that you may require expert help to reprogram specific Honda models. So, it is better to bring the key fob to your nearest Honda dealer.

How much time does the essential fob battery last?

The key fob battery usually lasts for around 3 to 4 years before the time comes to replace it. You can get very frustrated and stressed if you have a key fob with a lousy battery. In most cases, it can become impossible for you to enter your vehicle without having the key fob.

When you figure out that it is the right time for replacement, you have to make sure that you buy the same type of battery and voltage as the one that has been removed. If you place the fob batteries incorrectly, then there are chances that the key fob will not work.

Bottom Line

Every vehicle, including Honda, also has a mechanical key that enables you to unlock the door from the driver's side. This can make your engine work, and if it is not starting and you find the Honda key fob not working after battery replacement, then there are chances that you might have used a wrong or fake battery. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the battery is installed correctly to work.