Why Isn’t Nissan Key Fob Working After Battery Change?

With advancements in-car technology, the conventional car key is the news of the old days. People enjoy using key fobs that are easy to use without wasting effort on twirling the keys if the engine is not starting. It is a neat and clean technology that almost everyone has admired for its efficiency. But there are a few things that need to be taken care of and kept in mind. 

One of them is when your key fob stops working. It is not a rare incident as it can happen once you change your car battery and, therefore, lose access to your car. You cannot start it, cannot unlock it, or anything remotely functional on a critical basis. Many people who use Nissan as their car have complained about it, and let’s see what you can do about it. 

Key Fob Reset Solution

If your Nissan key fob is not working after you change your car battery, then it is because the electronic system that is installed in your key fob resets itself with the new battery. It is bound to happen every time. You need to do a bit of reprogramming, and the issue can quickly get resolved. There are other reasons too that we will look into in the following points:

Key Fob Battery Issue

Whereas the car battery could be a reason for your key fob not working, there is also a potential that it is the essential fob battery that is down, and your key fob is not working because of its battery. Most key fob batteries are long-lasting, but there is no indefinite energy-filled, and therefore, they need to be charged once in a while. Most of the key fob batteries work up to four years, and consequently, it is not a reason that you need to rule out when your key fob is not working. 

The batteries for the key fob are readily available in any car maintenance shop, and you will be able to charge your key again. You can also do it yourself if you have the manual, so there is nothing to worry about. All you need is a new battery for your key fob. Once you change your key fob batteries, you need to reset your key accordingly. 

Internal Damage

Most of the time, the battery causes issues with your key fob. Sometimes, it could be your key fob itself that is causing problems. Many times, key fobs are tossed on the table or handled carelessly, and that could cause damage to their inner structure. 

The key fob has to make its transmitter communicate with the signal receiver in the car. Any damage to your transmitter can cause obstacles in working your key fob. The plausible reasoning would be to consider the receiver of your vehicle, too, when thinking about the diagnosis of the problem. Either it is the internal damage to the key or the receiver of your car that is causing troubles. 

It could also be your car if it has aged; this means that the wiring within the car needs replacement. But mostly, it is just the damage to your key fob, and in that case, you need a new key that you can get from any Nissan showroom. 

When Key Fob Is Not Programmed or Reset 

Every key comes with its working setup, including your old conventional keys. This means that your keys are in need to be in sync with your car, and if your keys are not working, the reason could be you have not programmed your key fob yet or if you have been using the key fob and it stops working all of a sudden, then you need to reset the programming so that it can be in sync with your car. 

Final Words

There could be many other factors that might cause trouble in working your keys, but most of the time, these three factors usually cause most of the scenarios of such nature. Therefore, always start with these when diagnosing the problem with your key fob.